100% recommended. It is worthwhile in all aspects. It gives you the opportunity to learn from the highest level teachers in individual masterclasses and to share this experience with other students
playing music together in very good quality facilities. Furthermore, night concerts are very special because your teachers are on the stage which gives you a different perspective. And the prize is fantastic!

Carlos Jiménez

Not just a brass music festival

Numskull Brass Festival Caudete is a brass music festival held each summer in the town of Caudete (Spain) Numskull Brass Festival Caudete is a brass music festival held each summer in the town of Caudete (Spain). This project aims at becoming a model in the strengthening and broadcasting brass music, achieving its goals of approaching the music to all types of audience; gaining new audience and promoting and making the new generation of musicians receive great acknowledgement. NBFC is a non profit organisation.

This brass music festival is centred on two main activities: the Night Concerts Cycle and the Brass Music Festival. Numskull Brass Festival Caudete dates annually change, however it is normally held during the last fortnight in July.

Brass Music Festival

The Brass Music Festival is a course for the perfection of music available for all ages, levels and origins, specialised in trombone, trumpet, french horn, tuba and euphonium. This music course works like a summer camp or intensive summer course. The students are given both individual and collective classes during the day and take part in activities which are not included in the formal education system along the school year.

Night Concerts Cycle

The Night Concerts Cycle is a series of several specialized concerts in the brass music held each year in the setting of each new edition of the Numskull Brass Festival Caudete. It gathers musicians from some of the best orchestras of the world and offers the best brass music, a comfortable atmosphere, a familiar vibe and the sky as a backdrop. There is free access to each one of the performances of the cycle.



The number of participants of the Brass Music Festival is limited for each edition to a maximum of 110 students. The interest in this course is increasing. The fact that every year registrations run out in a few days is proof of that.

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