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The Juilliard School is a performing arts conservatory established in 1905.

The Juilliard School Trombone

The Juilliard (as it is informally refered to) is located in the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City.

According to the information published on Juilliards’ official website, the school has more than 850 students from 40 countries.

Juilliard alumni have collectively won more than 105 Grammy Awards, 62 Tony Awards, 47 Emmy Awards, 26 Bessie Awards, 24 Academy Awards, 16 Pulitzer Prizes, and 12 National Medals for the Arts.


In the official youtube channel of The Juilliard School you can find some very illustrative videos about the day to day at the school. The following video showes how is a day in the life of a cello student in The Juilliard (including a masterclass by Spanish conductor Pablo Heras Casado).

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