FANTASIE BRILLANTE by J.B.ARBAN for trumpet and orchestra


Arrangement for solo trumpet an symphonic orchestra


Fantasie Brillante is a piece for solo trumpet in Bb and symphonic orchestra composed originally by Jean-Baptiste Arban. The arrangement of this piece was commissioned by Miroslav Petkov (principal trumpet at Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra), to whom it is also dedicated.

Year of composition



Theme and variations




Solo trumpet in Bb and symphonic orchestra

Orchestra instrumentation: (3 (I = Picc.), 2, 2, 2) , (2, 4, 3, 0) , (Timp, 4 Perc.), Strings

Additional information about Fantasie Brillante

Ricardo Mollá’s arrangement of Fantasie Brillante for trumpet and orchestra is dedicated to Miroslav Petkov, principal trumpet at Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. It was premiered in the summer of 2021 with the occasion of Numskull Brass Festival Caudete’s Closing Concert.

French composer Jean-Baptiste Arban originally wrote this fantasia in 1861. Without a doubt, this piece has become a classic in trumpet repertoire ever since.

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