SHOSTAKOVICH NO.10 SYMPHONY for duo trumpet and bass trombone


Arrangement for trumpet, bass trombone and piano.


Arrangement of Shostakovich’s No.10 Symphony for trumpet and bass trombone duo with piano accompaniment.

This piece was commissioned by Shooters Brass in 2020.

Year of composition

The original piece was composed in 1953 while the arrangement was written in 2020.


Single movement




Trumpet in C and Bass Trombone duo with piano accompaniment

Additional information about Shostakovich’s No.10 Symphony Arrangement

Shostakovich’s No.10 Symphony was written in 1953, shortly after Stalin’s death that same year. About his own piece, it is believed Shostakovich wrote: “But I did depict Stalin in music in my next Symphony, the Tenth. I wrote it right after Stalin’s death, and no one has yet guessed what the Symphony is about. It’s about Stalin and the Stalin years.”

The arrangement for trumpet and bass trombone duo is dedicated to Shooters Brass.

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