Zestoa. For trumpet, trombone and piano

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Zestoa for trumpet, trombone and piano


The creation of this piece, essentialy programmatic, is framed around a real experience. It describes the events that took place during the meeting of an “anonymous” young orchestra in the Basque town of Zestoa. The idyllic stay in an ancient spa turns into chaos at night: the incidents in Zestoa surprised obth guests and guards. Step into this comopsition to know what really happened and experience it firsthand.

Date of composition



First part:

  1. A premonition.
  2. The monastery.
  3. Scéne d’amour.

Second part:

  1. Incidents in Zestoa.
  2. In the morning.


Trombone, trumpet (available both in C and Bb) and piano.



Additional information about Zestoa

Dedicated to Carlos Gil Ferrer and Luis González.

1 review for Zestoa. For trumpet, trombone and piano

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