Amaia, concerto for tuba and windband


Amaia, concerto for tuba and windband composed by Ricardo Mollá


Amaia, a concerto for tuba and windband composed by Ricardo Mollá, commissioned by Joseph Awad and dedicated to Carol Jantsch, principal tubist of the Philadelphia Orchestra. The work was originally written with band accompaniment and premiered on February 3, 2024, alongside the United States Army Band ‘Pershing’s Own’ during the Euphonium and Tuba Workshop.


I. Gaztelugatxe.

II. Amaia’s Letter.

III. The Final Element.


For solo tuba and windband accompaniment.

Band parts:

(3 (I. Picc.), 2, 5 (I. E♭ Clar., V. Bass Clar.), 4 (2 Alto, Ten., Bar.);

(3 B♭ Tpt., 4 Hn., 2 Cornet., 3 Tbn. (III. Bass Tbn.), 2 Euph., Tuba)

Double Bass


Timpani and 3 percussion parts


17′ to 18′.

Composition Date


Additional information about Amaia for tuba and windband

‘Amaia’ is a story of transformation and personal growth set on the Cantabrian coast of northern Spain. The young protagonist, Amaia, embarks on a dreamlike journey through emblematic places such as Gaztelugatxe and San Sebastián, with the aim of learning to control the four natural elements: water, earth, fire, and air. Throughout her adventure, she encounters mythical beings from Basque mythology, such as the Lamiak, Olentzero, and Basajaun, who teach her valuable lessons about the elements and life.

The plot reaches its climax in a battle against a devastating storm at the ‘Peine del Viento’, where Amaia fights not only against the forces of nature but also against the emotional pain caused by the loss of her father, who died at sea. This battle symbolizes her internal struggle and her process of overcoming. The story of Amaia is an allegory of the maturation process and facing pain, showing how, through the overcoming of external and internal challenges, a girl can find the strength to move forward and renew herself.

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