Awakening, concerto for two trombones (two tenors or tenor/bass) and orchestra


Awakening, concerto for two trombones and orchestra


“Awakening” is a concerto for two trombones and orchestra. This work was generously commissioned by Joseph Awad and it is dedicated to three icons within the world of trombone: Ian Bousfield, James Markey and Jeremy Wilson.

Year of composition



I. Blindness (en español Ceguera)
II. In Pursuit of Light (en español En busca de la Luz)
III. Freedom (en español Libertad)


  • Two solo trombone parts (2 tenor trombones or tenor/bass).

Orchestral needs:

Woodwinds (3 (I.Piccolo), 3 (III. E.H), 2, 3 (III. C.Bsn.)); Brass (4, 3, 3 (III. Bs. Tbn), 1), Strings, Harp.

Percussion (5 parts):

  • Timpani
  • Percussion I (cymbal, suspended cymbal).
  • Percussion II (snare drum, triangle, bas drum, tubular bells, tambourine, sleigh bell).
  • Percussion III (glockenspiel, wind chimes, triangle).
  • Percussion IV (vibraphone, gong, bass drum, tubular bells, xylophone, castanets).



Additional information of Awakening

This piece is inspired by Nobel Prize Jose Saramago’s novel Blindness (in spanish “Ensayo sobre la ceguera”). There are many philosophical implications in this book that I am trying to reflect in this piece, among which prevails the concept of freedom.


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