Belen for trumpet and brass ensemble


Belen for trumpet and brass ensemble


“Belén” is a lullaby for solo trumpet and brass ensemble composed by Ricardo Mollá and originally dedicated to Bastien Baumet, a euphonium player and professor at the Conservatoire de Lyon. The piece was premiered by Bastien Baumet himself at the Numskull Brass Festival Caudete 2022 with Euskadi Brass. Later, the Asian premiere was performed again by Bastien Baumet during the JEJU International Brass Competition, accompanied by the Brass Ensemble of Belgium.

Year of composition



Single movement.

Approximate duration



B-flat trumpet and brass ensemble.

Brass ensemble consisting of:

4 B-flat trumpets, 1 horn, 2 trombones, bass trombone, tuba, timpani, suspended cymbal, and glockenspiel.

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