La Città dei Sogni for trombone and piano


La Città dei Sogni for trombone and piano


This piece is a tribute to  Nino Rota’s music, in which I try to capture his influence and make reference to his career as a composer throughout his life. Nino Rota died just when I was writing the music for the movie La Città dei Sogni (City of Dreams) by Federico Fellini. In this movie the protagonist has a series of dreams and nightmares that haunt him. In the same way in this work I try to evoke several dreams, but sketching different periods of Nino Rota’s life as a composer. You could say that it constitutes an attempt to add music to the last movie that he could never finish.


  1. Largo.
  2. Presto.


Solo trombone with piano accompaniment.



Additional information about La Città dei Sogni


Dedicated to Ximo Vicedo, principal trombone of the Radiotelevision Orchestra of Spain, on the occasion to his first  CD: “Lo soñado” (Within a dream).


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