Solo Parts of Humans call me Ray concierto para tres tubas y orquesta


Solo Parts of Humans call me Ray, concerto for three tubas


Humans call me Ray is a concerto for three tubas and orchestra composed by Ricardo Mollá and dedicated to the tuba trio 21meter60 formed by Constantin Hartwig (Principal Tuba of the Staatskapelle Dresden), Fabian Neckermann (Principal Tuba of the Berlin Radio) and Steffen Schmid (Principal Tuba of the Bayersische Staatsoper). This composition was premiered by this trio under the baton of Ricardo Mollá together with Orquesta Sinfónica de la Región de Murcia.

Year of composition



Three movements:

I. Window is open.

II. Under the Brooklyn Bridge.

III. Graduation.

Duración aproximada



Woodwinds: 3 (Picc. (I)),2,2,2

Brass: 3,4,3,1


Timpani and three percussion parts:

Percussion I: suspended cymbal, cymbals, tambourine, triangle, wind chimes and bass drum.

Percussion II: glockenspiel, tubular bells and wooden blocks.

Percussion III: vibraphone, triangle, wind chimes and tubular bells.

Harp or piano.

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